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This week our spotlight is on the lovely Lottie from A Diary Of A Curvy Girl

150 years down the line someone somewhere stumbles across this interview. What would you like them to know about you and what inspired you to start blogging?

I am Lottie, I love animals, I love wearing 50s style clothes (1950s not like 2050s lol), I was born with two thumbs on the same hand which to me makes me feel very special and unique. The reason I started blogging was because it gave me something to focus on. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when I was 21 and I find writing calms me down and so I don’t have as many bad days.  That is why I called it my diary.  I want it to be somewhere I can write the good the bad and the ugly to show people you aren’t on your own.

If you could choose your age forever, what age would it be and why?

I am 29 now so I am not old old, but I suppose I would be 28.  That was the year I really started to accept myself and my body for who I am.  I started reading a lot more blogs and following YouTubers who were more like me.  It made me think why do I hate myself so much, I am a nice kind person.  Being fat is not a personality trait, it is a descriptive word it describes what I am not who I am, so I owned that word and it made me feel better about myself.  So yes definitely 28.

In an ideal world, what would be your blog working environment versus what the reality is?

In an ideal world is a hard one haha, I suppose I would want a desk where I could keep everything.  I would be a lot more organised with posts and plan a day to post properly.  I would have post its perfectly placed and lighting just right and the best top notch camera to create all my pictures.  I’d have little fairy lights everywhere and inspirational quotes.

I reality I get my very cute little blue laptop, sit out chilled on my sofa with a blanket.  I watch TV while I try and write and concentrate on a TV show at the same time.  Then panic because blogger decided it will go slow and not refresh and when it does it is a blank screen, then panic some more and then realise it is fine.  Then when I am doing my final touches and I really really have to concentrate, I lie flat on the floor with a cushion under my boobs (gotta support the girls) staring at my laptop screen for mistakes.  While I do this, my dog climbs over me trying to give me kisses and thinking it’s time to play.  It sounds bad but I love my reality haha.

To date, what has been your favourite blog post and why? 

I think the posts that make me smile the most are my Mega Babes posts.  I wrote them such a long time ago, and they were based on women who I found and still find such inspirations.  They inspire me to be the type of person I want to be.  These are genuinely lovely women, you can have a laugh with them and just talk and they really are lovely and even now when I think about them posts they make me smile.  It was these posts that were the first ones I really properly planned and thought in depth about and they were the ones that really really made me fall in love with blogging.

How would you describe your personal style?

A mixture, I don’t really think I can class it as any particular style.  I love wearing jeans and pumps but I also love 1950s style dresses. I’m such a mixture.

Show us your favourite picture of yourself and why?

I love this picture because I wear glasses on an everyday basis but this is the first time in a long time I was able to take a selfie.  I’m sporting a full face of make up with my glasses on and did not get a glare of my lenses.  As much as I love having pictures with my glasses but most times you can’t see my eyes properly.  Thankfully on this one you can, so it makes me happy 🙂

What has been the biggest change in your life since you started blogging?

I am a lot more positive about my body, like I said before I started the blog as a diary to combat my anxiety and depression but through my blog, and reading other blogs, I am now happy with who I am.  I no longer feel like the odd one out being fat.  There is a whole community of strong fat women who support each other and build each other up.  I know that if I ever feel bad I can turn to them and they will help.  So I suppose it’s my body image and my friendship circle has gotten better.

What is the single most important thing you’d like people to take away from reading your blog?

Be who you are and love it.  You can only be you.  You’re the best person to be you.  So stand up and say “here I am, take me or leave me”.  If you pick up make up and fashion ideas at the same time then even better haha!

Now for our quick fire ten…

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Chocolate every time.

If money were no object, where in the world would you go on holiday? I would do a huge tour of Italy.  I have always wanted to go.

What’s your favourite season? Autumn.  I love it.  Scarves, hot chocolates, crunching leaves, the colours…oh God I can’t wait for it!!!!

Would you rather be a giant rodent or a tiny elephant? Giant rodent hands down.  My favourite animal (apart from my dog Coco) is a Capybara, which is the world largest land rodent and I love them.  I am trying to convince my fiancé to get one but I don’t think he will give in haha!

Last film you watched? Volcano.

Do you have a nickname and if yes, what is it? I don’t think I do.

If you had your human body, but the head of an animal, what animal would it be? A squirrel.  I like them and they are very cute.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Normally a coffee and a bowl of cheerios.

Who would play you in the movie of your life story? Christina Ricci.  I love her and I think I look a little like her, since she is only tiny in height too.

Most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Moving up North.  I did it within a matter of three weeks and it was crazy haha.  We decided and then a week later we had our house.  As soon as my notice was up in my job in Birmingham, I moved up North!

You can find Charlotte here:

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Twitter: Lottie Flynn
Instagram: lottieflynn88

Thanks so much Lottie xoxo I love this little insight to you.


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