Who Do You Buy Your Plus Size Clothes From?
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Hello Jellyheads (are you loving the fact I am feeling so self important I have decided to allocate a name for all my lovely readers).  Now this isn’t going to come as any surprise to anyone who knows me but I love social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I’ve not mastered SnapChat yet but I’ll get there).  Not only do I love them for the social aspect but since I’ve become more body aware and body positive I turn to them for plus size inspiration.  

I love being part of the ever growing plus size community and fat acceptance movement.  Although I don’t believe we are where we should be for 2017, we are definitely making baby steps in the right direction.  Lots more brands are starting plus size lines and this is great but there is one thing that seriously pees in my cheerios.  Seeing someone straight size being used to promote these lines and brands.  It’s like never fully committing to the idea.  I can’t be the only person here that sees a brand promoting their plus or curve line accompanied with a visual of a non plus person, even if it’s just the one, and think what a complete conflict it is.  Like I want to support a brand that is trying to be more inclusive by having a plus size line but at the same time I want to see it on a plus size body.  I have nothing against straight size models.  I love and support and adore all bodies.  I follow and support many straight size models and influencers but these aren’t bodies I look to when I am making fashion decisions.  These shouldn’t be the only images bombarding our young plus size lovelies.  Is that so wrong?   Am I alone in this?

Now I totally know I’m going to sound like I am kissing Navabi‘s arse right now.  I’m not.  I don’t own a single piece of Navabi clothing, I’m certainly not anywhere near the status of being gifted items for review so that’s not my motivation either.  If I’m being truthful their clothing doesn’t actually come into this matter at all.  It’s all about their #MorePlusPlease campaign and this doesn’t just count for magazine covers.  I implore brands that, if you are promoting plus size lines please PLEASE pick from the plethora of plus size gorgeousness that you can find all over social media.  

My friends and I are prompted to buy clothes after seeing them on the likes of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Lottie L’Amour, Chloe In Curve, Sugar, Darling?, Arched Eyebrow, Danielle Vanier, Pretty Big Butterflies, From The Corners Of The Curve, Curves n Curls UK, Cardiffornia Gurl, CurvyWordy, Kat Henry and Terrible Tumbles to name just a few.

I see the likes of PLUS|EQUALS slaying their social media, bombarding me with plus size gorgeousness.  I’m not calling anyone out telling them that they are doing it wrong.  I’m just saying that you have a huge and growing pool of plus size awesomesauce to choose from – UTILISE IT – I can promise you it will not do your brand any harm at all if your aim is to sell plus size clothing.  My list has barely scratched the surface.  I’ve not spoken directly to all of these ladies, and I am not speaking for them, but I’m sure there is someone somewhere in the plus size pool that would happily wear something from your line and share it on social media.  If you aren’t getting submissions from plus size beauties then send them something so that you can get images because it is these lovelies that people like me are buying from.  

What can you do?  If you are a plus size lovely and you are buying from these brands share pictures of yourself wearing their clothes on social media and tag the granny out of them.  Believe it or not it’s YOU people want to see when making decisions whether to buy or not.

Why not tag people below who inspire you to when it comes to plus size fashion or tag brands you think are doing it for you.


13 thoughts on “Who Do You Buy Your Plus Size Clothes From?…

  1. This is great! The #moreplusplease canpaigne spunds great for sure. Ill need to have a nosy at these people because it’s always refreshing to see more plus size women and men out there repping the fashion scene!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. If you don’t do anything else tonight Jordanne check out the #MorePlusPlease hashtag and see some of the plus size gorgeousness that could be gracing our magazine covers – it really is inspired. Thanks for reading xoxo

  2. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! I think brands that can expand and deliver to the plus size audience as well, and not just promote the “skinny” or “slim” idea is great!

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