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This year has been a year of firsts on many fronts.  September saw me attend my very first event as a blogger, LondonEdge at the Business Design Centre.  I touched upon my visit in my post about trying my new hair colour.  Here is where I will go into my visit in a bit more detail.

LondonEdge is described as a trade show which introduces you to a diverse & extensive selection of creative fashion collections including mens & women’s clothing, footwear, jewellery, bags, hosiery, giftware & accessories.  Exhibitors include some of the largest and most diverse range of established sub-culture collections and emerging cutting-edge designers anywhere in the world.  For me personally, I saw the likes of Lindy Bop, Hell Bunny and Collectif and knew I’d have an amazing time.

The first exciting thing for me was that I was attending with my chum Katie Eyden-Hainsworth and her hubby Jonas.  Katie helps run a body positive group called Positively Perfect as well as doing some plus size modelling.  When together, we are like two peas in a pod and usually refer to ourselves as Patty and Selma (Simpsons reference).  She also likes all things vintage so I knew we were in for a fab day.

My next exciting thing was my pass.  I know something totally stupid right but I got my own pass, on a lanyard, to wear round my neck that had my name on, Jelly With The Belly, and the word BLOGGER.  I think it may be one of my most treasured blogging related items so far.  Isn’t it amazing how the simplest of things, which probably means nothing or very little to the next person, can mean so much.


There was so many amazing stands there.  Downstairs I saw so much including The Gypsy Shrine who were showing the most amazing face and body glitters that made me want to be bedazzled from head to toe.  Charlotte Clark who makes the most awesome ceramics and ornaments that were right up my street.  Quirky and different and a little dark and macabre.  Naturally I loved it.  I also discovered Katie Abey, another new brand to me.  Katie is an illustrator who has developed her illustrations and drawings in to a line of products.  They feature everything from a superhero sloth to a courageous crumpet and most are tinged with a hint of sarcasm, which is probably why I was drawn to them.

I also have a love of bags (shocker right) so I gravitated to the Love Chok stand.  A personal fave was the holographic silver stripe backpack.  I wish my pictures did it more justice.  It is currently reduced on their website so be sure to check it out.  I’m also really pleased I got to see the Woody Ellen stand.  Luckily for me Woody Ellen was a name I was already aware of thanks to the gorgeous Tanya from Secret Plus Size Goddess.  Tanya had done a post a little while back after discovering them and I fell in love with the gorgeous, vibrant colours combined with the vintage feel.  This did not prepare me for just how delicate and beautiful they were in reality.  As you can tell from the picture, Idda was my favourite.  The pale blue and pink were just exquisite.  You should really stop by Woody Ellen, even it is is just to read about how much work goes in to these amazing pieces.


It was a cacophony of vintage and alternative stands as well as accessories.  I could almost hear the Collectif stand calling me as I came up the stairs.  I have a small vintage wardrobe but I’m almost ashamed to say no Collectif.  That is a cherry I am going to pop very soon though and add a piece to my collection.  Thanks to their displays though I already know exactly what I want.  I also got to see a sneak peak of SS18 and there are some proper pearlers in there.  I also stumbled across From Nic Love.  Customers can buy lots of glitter gorgeousness which is 100% vegan and laser cut jewellery.  Her stand was like a little Aladdin’s Cave.

I already know Banned Apparel as I am the proud owner of one of their cat bags but I nearly peed a bit when I realised that my big cat bag has had babies.  It not only comes in a smaller version but is available in different colours (clearly I NEED pink).  They also had their super cute little 1950s-esque Emily handbag in Magenta which will be on my Christmas list for sure.  What I didn’t realise was that they do offer plus size in their clothing range.  Their 6XL is a UK26, which for some reason really did surprise me.

Obviously I made a bee line for Lindy Bop and I loved and needed almost everything.  Look out for a gorgeous cat print dress, which you will be able to buy soon, that is very Cheshire Cat inspired.  Also Marianne in Raspberry or Teal will be mine.  I also thought I might be wily enough to get the entire Punky Pins display collection in my handbag before anyone noticed but alas it was not meant to be this time.  I then had a mooch around the Hell Bunny stand and adored lots of the Halloween goodies they had to offer.

It really was the most amazing day.  There was seating and food available and lots of runway action.  I got to see a few friends, Diana from Fashion Loves Photo and the gorgeous Ruby Thunder.  I also missed lots.  This is the one negative thing I took away from the day.  In my peaked levels of excitement I missed quite a bit.  Stands and people.  I also wish I’d of taken more time to check out some of the alternative brands.  Thanks so much to LondonEdge for extending an invite to me and next time I will definitely be more organised and have a better plan (she says) so watch this space.

Do you have any highlights from LondonEdge?  Hopefully I will get to see some new faces and old friends at the next LondonEdge event in February.  Let me know…


6 thoughts on “My First LondonEdge Visit…

  1. Omg I love Lindy bop! I’m so happy that you got to go to your first blogger event, you sound chuffed to bits and I’m not gonna lie I’d be just as excited with the lanyard too, loving your look Hun, you look amazing x

    1. Clearly I absolutely adore Lindy Bop Claire xx I was totally chuffed and really hoping I get to go back again in February. Thanks so much for reading

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