But apparently I never got this memo.  I love stripes, especially black and white stripes.  I first saw this dress back in September 2016 when I attended The Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool and saw this gorgeous fashionista wearing the most amazing striped dress and later came to learn it was Samantha Campbell.  At the time Samantha was just starting up her own clothing company called Sazzmatazz Clothing.  Sazzmatazz is for “the woman who doesn’t compromise her curves for style. Limited Edition Unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.”  
I knew the dress would have to be mine.  Thanks to me it was nearly a whole 10 months until I got it.  Believe me though when I tell you it was worth the wait.

The 95% knit cotton / 5% spandex mix makes this dress really lightweight and airy as well as cool.  There is very little stretch in the dress.  I purchased it in a size 24 (my usual size) and would say I found it true to size.  I managed to pull it on over my head without undoing the zip.  

I’m 5’4” and the dress sat between mid calf and ankle.  The sleeves were just about my wrists which was perfect for me.  My most favourite thing about this dress is it has POCKETS.  I adore a dress with pockets!

I really like the contrast of horizontal and vertical stripes.  Really does makes the dress eye catching.  I’m wearing it with a little pair of block heeled black shoes from Simply Be but I think the possibilities are endless.  It is such a versatile dress.  It can be glammed up with heels and jewellery or casualed down with pumps and a jean jacket.  The best bit is this dress is currently on clearance.  Sazzmatazz is due to introduce their new line at the end of July.  This was previously selling for £38.99 and is a total bargain at £20.  If you are quick the discount code “GIVEME5” will give you an additional £5 off.  Shipping is free and takes 3-5 days.  So at just £15 I’d say get your orders in fast before they sell out!

Do you like stripes? Send me some pictures of you wearing stripes over on my Facebook page.


*This item was purchased by me and all opinions are completely my own.
**Big shockers here, as can be seen, my photography is not professional.  My lovely husband took them on an iPhone.  He took about 100 pictures under a barrage of abuse and criticism from me and still loves me anyway (the things I’ll do for half a dozen semi decent pictures).  If you have any helpful hints or tips please do let me know as I apparently suck at pictures and posing. 

13 thoughts on “Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes…

    1. Do check them out Emma they are fabulous. They have some other items on clearance at the moment and the code works on those too. Be sure to like their Facebook page in prep for their new line. They have a gorgeous pink jacket coming.

  1. I have this dress and love it.
    It’s hugely versatile, I’ve worn it out for dinner in the evening with heels and then during the day at a summer fair in sandals.

    I love it! And you look great innit

    1. I’m so pleased my suspicions about it’s versatility are correct Chelle xoxo I bet you look a peach in it too
      Thanks for reading

    1. I am so pleased to finally have it in my wardrobe after lusting after it so long Kitty and you are 100% correct I’ve not seen one person not looking great in it xoxo

    1. It really is a fab dress Nicola. Perfect for the school run or popping to the shops and equally just as fab with some heels for a night out. Thanks for reading xoxo

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