Chub Rub Survival Guide…


As I’m sure we all know by now the weather has stepped up it’s game of late and that means one thing for a lot of lovelies.  CHUB RUB.  So I thought I’d take the opportunity to put together a comprehensive list of products to help combat the dreaded thigh burn.  I swear mine rub together so much at times it’s a miracle I don’t start a bush fire (pun totally intended).

And in no particular order, my Top 10 Chub Rub Survival products…

Little Angels Liquid Talc – Asda  Whenever suggestions are asked for this product always comes up.  The liquid talc is paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.  It goes on wet and dries like talc.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder – Lush  I absolutely love this product and you can usually find it in my handbag.  Silky Underwear is a really light and delicate dusting powder.  The powder is lightly scented with jasmine and vetivert.

Anti-Chafing Gel – Lanacane  This gel is another firm favourite.  It’s fragrance free, non staining, non greasy and it dries on contact.  It has a unique anti-friction formula.  This helps to provide long lasting relief.  Lanacane can be used to soothe when chafing has occurred.

For Her Anti Chafe Balm – Body Glide  When asking for recommendations For Her was very popular.  Reported to be very long lasting, even suggesting all day protection in dry and humid conditions.  Sweat resistant and quick and easy to apply.  Allergen free and vegan approved.  For Her is easy to carry around as it’s conveniently pocket sized.

Deodorant  Another hugely popular response was deodorant.  In all forms.  Aerosol, roll on, different brands and different favourites.

Aztec Slip Shorts – Big Tights Company  I’ve seen these pretties popping up everywhere on my social media feeds lately and they look amazeballs.  Thanks to the new cutout design they are lightweight and breathable.  They are available without the cutout and in short leg, long leg and lace trimmed.

Elastic Lace Thigh Bands – Bandalettes  These thighs bands kind of remind me of stockings without the rest of the leg and are designed to sit on the widest part of your thigh.  Available in a variety of colours and designs and sizes.  Bandalette recommend you measure yourself in a standing position, around your bare thigh.  Make sure you measure the fullest part of your thigh.  If the measurement falls between sizes then they suggest you choose the smaller size.  Their sizing is 21″-22″ (53-57 cm) A, 23″-24″ (58-62 cm) B, 25″-26″ (63-67 cm) C, 27″-28″ (68-72 cm) D, 29″-30″ (73-77 cm) E, 31″-32″ (78-82 cm) F.

Women’s KnickerBoxers – Chaffree  Again I always see these pop up on my social media feeds and they seem to be a favourite of plus size bloggers everywhere.  They are seamless, stretchy and lightweight.  Chaffree shorts are available in a midi or full waist design as well as short and long lengths.

Cycle Shorts / Cut Down Leggings  This suggestion is a budget/pocket friendly one.  Many people just grab some cycle shorts of eBay or even cut down some leggings.  Anything to avoid the dreaded and painful chub rub.

My last recommendation is for when chub rub has taken hold.  Not a guaranteed method, just what I do personally.  Different people will have different ways for dealing with it.  I always bath or shower.  Gently wash using some anti bacterial hand wash (not compulsory).  Once I’m out I always either leave to air dry or pat dry.  Then I apply some Sudocrem and pop some PJ bottoms on over the top.


I’d also like to say an extra big thanks to my little gang of chublets who I polled for their recommendations.  How do you combat chub rub?  What products are your favourites?  How do you deal with it if your thighs start to feel the burn?



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