Dear Plus Size Brands…

Firstly let me take this opportunity to thank you.  

Growing up as a young, one handed, curly haired, spectacle wearing, pudgy girl who always had her head in a Judy Blume book (if it wasn’t angst then it was horror but we’ll save that pearl for another post).  It was beyond comprehension that as a grown up fully fledged fatty there would be so many amazing choices available when it comes to plus size fashion.

The spectrum of colour, designs and prints available is amazing.  If I want stripes then there are stripes and if I want a crop top then there’s a crop top.  If it’s a jumpsuit I want I can find a plethora of them.  Maybe I want to #EmbraceTheApron then there are bodycon dresses aplenty and so on and so forth.  They all help break down all those antiquated views and opinions on what is acceptable for a fat body to wear.

One thing that never EVER crossed my mind was a cold shoulder.  If I want my shoulders exposed I’ll opt for a bardot top (huge fan for future reference).  If I want to #UnleashTheBingoWings I’ll choose a vest top or sleeveless number.  I do not want to be trawling sites for a pretty new top or dress only to discover that you’ve run out of cotton to finish the job properly.  

My fat tries to escape.  I mean seriously we’ve been together long enough but anyone would think it doesn’t like me.  It tries to escape my bra either via the ample cleavage or by giving me the appearance of 8 titties (totally flattering look I know).  If I try to wear “shapewear” it tries to escape by redistributing itself to other parts of my body.  

Sometimes if I wear jeans it even tries to escape by way of a muffin top.  It has never once tried to leave me via the medium of a shoulder.  There are plenty of other places / seams my fatness could escape.  Bizarrely enough it doesn’t need to use the shoulder nor does it want to.  If you feel the compulsion to run out of cotton anywhere I’d say go for the sides down the bottom, some little side splits to give the apron some room to manoeuvre but please not the shoulders.

Here are some items I may of been tempted to buy had it not been for the lack of sewn up shoulders:

I close by urging you all to rethink.  What is this lunacy that makes you think every fat girl needs her shoulders venting.  If you are unable to do that then I recommend you perhaps create a product to combat it.  Something along the lines of tittie tape but to close the cold shoulder.

Yours eternally


13 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Plus Size Brands – The Cold Shoulder

  1. In the summer there were some nice floaty cool cotton ones that didn’t clip, but jumpers and jersey tops with cold shoulders, what’s that about? It’s winter! My advice to anyone who is tempted to buy one try them on, they may look nothing like what they look like on the hanger or the flawless mannequin with no lumps, bumps or bingo wings 🙂

  2. Loving the blog but disagree with the post, as another “fatty” I love the look of the cold shoulder probably because it’s the one place I can bare some skin and not have it look like it’s escaping or oozing from my clothes. I guess it’s all a matter of choice and preference. Keep up the blogging!

    1. Thanks for commenting Little Ms X xoxo I’m finding the cold shoulder seems to be a lot like Marmite – people either love them or hate them and like you said it’s all about choices and it’s fabulous we have them xxx

  3. Personally I don’t like the look of the open shoulder bit, I have a massive problem with my arms (my own opinions of them) and I don’t want to show them, they tops are lovely but maybe if they weren’t open like that I’d prefer them. I guess it’s all down to personal opinions on the clothes but maybe have a choice? The option of open shoulders or closed would be good.

    Jordanne ||

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to our blog comment thread! It’s nice to see a new face within the blogging world! Your post is very well written, the tops look very nice but like you said, even another product to combat it like the tape would be a good idea for anyone who wants the option.

    – BloggersTribe xoxo

  5. I really like the way you’ve written this, it made me giggle a few times. I actually own one cold shoulder top, which I had to get last minute for a fancy dress party and I have to say I found myself literally pulling at the sleeves because it irritated me. So I agree, not really a fan of this trend!

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