It's My Birthday

So I know you probably don’t know because I always keep it to myself but it’s my birthday this Saturday (25th March) and I will be a whopping 39 years old.  As I am super thoughtful and lovely I happily give my family and friends at least 2 months warning (as if it changes every year and they might forget when it is).  I’m also kind enough to make sure my Amazon Wishlist is up to do just in case anyone feels inclined.  I’m sure you are supposed to get over this kind of birthday excitement by the time you reach your thirties but I see chance of it waning anytime soon.

My Wishlist is full of my usual goodies; Funko Pops, planning supplies, Tinkerbell items, paperbacks from some of my favourite authors.  I’ve already had some birthday pennies early to spend at the Scarlett & Jo Sample Sale.  That resulted in the trying on of many dresses and the purchasing of a few.  Oopsie.

I’ve know for a while I wanted a new tattoo.  I have a memorial piece planned for my left thigh so thought my right thigh would probably be the ideal place to balance it out.  Purely by luck I got chatting to a lovely lady called Monica.  She is a tattooist who happens to be in a Facebook group I run.  Last year we got into a general tattoo chit chat.  I stalked her Instagram and fell in love with her work.  It was so bright and colourful and pretty.  I knew almost instantly I’d love to have something done by her but she was over 2 hours away in Wolverhampton.  Fast forward to just before Christmas and there was chatter about the Style XL Awards being held in Birmingham and I thought “hold on a minute – two birds, one stone”.  I spoke to Monica and we got chatting about what I’d like and where I’d like it.  I knew it had to be something unicorn related and gave her a few examples of tattoos I’d seen online that I liked.  My hubby, sister and good friends Nickey and Zoey all clubbed together to pay as a birthday present for me.  It was all booked for 12th March before the Style XL Awards.

I left home just before 7am and jumped on the tube to Euston. Then I travelled to Wolverhampton via Virgin Trains.  Monica’s shop, Poison Apple Tattoos, was just a brief walk from the station.  When I saw my new pretty on my leg I knew I’d made the right choice.  Monica was lovely and chatty and really put me at ease.  Although I know I was alright when I had my last tattoo done, that was over 3 years ago, I wasn’t sure how I’d be this time but Monica did a really great job.  We spoke about her love of doing colourful tattoos and I’d most definitely recommend her to everyone.  Here’s how she turned out…what do you think?

In hindsight having her done before spending the rest of the afternoon / evening on my legs.  On top of that a long journey home on the train might not of been the smartest idea but she was definitely worth it.  So I’m thinking after my memorial piece on my left thigh that might be my last one…maybe.  Do you have any tattoos or would you like any?




8 thoughts on “Happy Tattoo To You…

  1. Love your new tattoo! So sweet and colourful. I have 1 tattoo on my left calf, it’s the pentagram the Winchester brothers have in the show Supernatural (bit of a fan girl) I want so many more though. I’m thinking a tattoo fund from my loved ones for my birthday too! x

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