Just in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the LondonEdge.  If you didn’t know, LondonEdge is a trade show that features a diverse & extensive selection of creative fashion collections.  This includes mens & women’s clothing, footwear, jewellery, bags, hosiery, giftware & accessories.  It was my first time at LondonEdge and my very first event as an official blogger.  Needless to say I spent a lot of time squealing with excitement.  Hopefully if I visit again I’ll be a bit calmer and take more in.

Fortunately for my purse the event is for trade.  This means unless you are a wholesaler there is no buying happening.  My head and pocket were happy but after coming across Lindy Bop, Collectif and Punky Pins but to name a few, my heart wasn’t.  Keep your eyes open for my upcoming post featuring more about this.

I came across the Herman’s Hair Color stand.  Naturally I saw hair colour and was attracted like a moth to a flame.  I have to admit I was slightly embarassed as my own colour was almost a month old and in need of it’s redo.  Herman’s Hair Color is a Finnish brand which prides itself on both it’s ethics and it’s quality.  Their current line consists of 21 colours and 1 toner.  All of which are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.  Colours include Tammy (a fabulous turquoise) and Vicky (a gorgeous pastel purple).  It goes without saying I was instantly drawn to Cynthia, which was a vivid magenta close to the shade I already use.

I got chatting to with Jasmin, who had the most amazing hair, and explained that I was a blogger and not trade (this was usually the point some exhibitors lose interest) but she continued to remain engaged regardless.  I told her my hair was due it’s refresh on Monday so she offered me a pot of Cynthia to try in place of my regular brand.  To be honest I was a little anxious to try something new as it’s Curve Fashion Festival this weekend (9th September) and I am aiming not to be bald for it but I thought I’d take her up on her offer.

My friend Kellyanne does my hair around every 4 – 5 weeks for me.  It usually consists of having my roots done, a trim if necessary and a hair colour refresh followed by a blow dry and tong.  I love pink, and this weekend will celebrate me being a pinkie for a whole year this time, but it does wash out and fade quite quickly.  As my hair is naturally curly I don’t need to wash it very often.  I use colour enhancing conditioners and wash using cool/warm water not hot but still the fade gets me.  The first thing I noticed was that Cynthia had very little, if any, smell to it.  My usual brand is not to bad but some dyes are quite pungent.  Cynthia literally did not smell at all, of anything.  It went on really well, likened to applying a conditioner and says it needs to stay on for 30 – 40 minutes.  My hair is a little sensitive at the moment so I opted to leave it on for just 20 minutes but I have to say I was really pleased with the results.

A couple of observations…

  1. Yes I am wearing a top in the first picture just for some reason the crop has made me look naked.
  2. I have had a glasses change.
  3. The final picture is clearly filtered however I somehow manage to look cuter with the piggie features from a SnapChat filter.  Go figure.

Obviously I can’t speak about the dreaded fade just yet but I will update you all at a later date.  That aside here are my pros and cons…

You can buy Herman’s Hair Color direct from them here.  You can also buy from a few places including Blue Banana and Attitude Clothing in the UK.

Am I about to jump ship from my regular brand to Herman’s?  Possibly not.  The benefits of my existing brand are that I currently get 2 applications from one tube, and that tube is actually cheaper than one application of Herman’s.  It’s also readily available on the High Street.  That being said if I fancied treating myself for a special occasion I would definitely grab it again and I’d have no problem recommending it to others.









*Whilst I was gifted this product the opinions are entirely my own

18 thoughts on “Dyeing To Try A New Colour…

  1. I also visited Hermans and had a lovely chat with them! I have treated myself to a pot of Gilda which is a much greyer colour than I have been using, but I am eager to give it a go as it will be less damaging to my hair. I love this pink and if I could get away with it for work, then I would!!

    1. It definitely felt great on my hair Tanya and the no smell thing was amazing. I am really pleased with how vibrant the colour has come out. I can’t wait to see Gilda. I wish I could of persisted with grey for longer.

  2. That hair colour looks really good on you! I have very dark hair with matching eyebrows so I don’t think I could every dye my hair any other colour then dark brown haha!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    1. Thanks so much Ellyn xx My natural colour is a mousy brown and I have dark eyebrows too. I’ve not been brave enough to colour my brows yet but never say never.

    1. I’ve used bold colours on and off for a while Stacey but always gravitated back to pink. I usually use Colour Freedom and I adore it. I can’t see me changing for a while.

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