So this is lucky blog tag #3,  20 Wishes For 2017, and I have to say I quite enjoy doing these.  I have to thank my lovely friend Clare at NeonRainbowBlog for this one.  20 wishes for 2017.  As I’m so new to blogging I thought this would be a great measuring stick so I can come back this time next year and check on my achievements.  As always the rules are quite easy.  You must include 5 personal wishes, 5 family wishes, 5 blog wishes and 5 hopes.  Then tag someone else to take part.  So here goes.

5 Personal Wishes

This one comes quite easily for me as it ties in with my Goals For 2017 post.

  1. Improve my makeup skills.  I mean I think when I go out I look ok and I don’t look like my face has been gangbanged by a box of crayola but I’d like to have skills.  I’d like to be able to put my false eyelashes on without it being an epic task that could lead to murder.  I’d like to have my winged eyeliner go ok and not have one Chanel and one Primarni and maybe even throw in a little contouring.  These are the kinds of things I wish for my face.
  2. Try more new things.  This is just a really generalised one.  Anything new.  Meeting someone new, trying a new food.  Just striving to push yourself that little bit further than the norm and testing your boundaries.  
  3. Work on my fitness levels.  Not to be confused with weight loss.  I just want to do something to make me feel a bit fitter.  If bits tighten up along the way I’m ok with that too.  More walking, maybe get a bike.  These kinds of things.
  4. Meet more people.  I have forged many great friendships online.  Some of these people have been with me through some really dark times and I feel a genuine bond of friendship with them.  I’m hoping 2017 will be the year I get to actually meet some of these people in real life.  
  5. Learn to dance.  Now don’t get me wrong.  For a big bird I can move.  I can turn it out and shake my bon bon when I need to but this is more than that.  This is about something proper.  I adore the Argentine Tango and the Jive.  Improving my fitness level and purchasing an industrial strength sports bra will definitely help with this.

5 Family Wishes

  1. Go out more.  I think an improvement in the weather will help this one but just simple things.  Picnics in the park, to the beach for the day.  Just more of this.  It’s not even about things that cost loads of money.  Just simple things.
  2. Have a holiday.  I’ve been with my hubs 12 years this year and we’ve never been abroad together.  The last couple of years we have managed a week in Cornwall and we absolutely love it down there.  I’d love for this to continue and for us to be able to enjoy at least one family week away.  Doesn’t even have to be out of the country as we are quite happy with Perranporth.  
  3. Get a new sofa.  Now this may sound like a daft one but we have a small two seater sofa and it’s on it’s last legs.  We have never had a brand new sofa.  This is definitely a wish for 2017.  I even have one picked out.  A beautiful corner sofa.  You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.
  4. Happy School Transition.  Our son is moving from Junior School to Secondary School this year and I wish for a smooth happy transition for him while he makes that change.  It’s such a huge leap and culture shock when you move to “big school” and he will always be my little boy.  Although actually I do feel like he is so little as he is the baby of the class.  He will be 11 for all of a week before he moves to Secondary School after the summer holiday.  
  5. To extend our family.  Whilst I’m pretty sure, not matter how much we try, a little bublet is out of the question I am working on wearing hubby down for another furbaby.  Or maybe even chickens (although with a bird phobia this one is looking less likely, but is also great leverage in favour of another furbaby).

5 Blog Wishes

  1. Be seen more.  I’m guessing these wishes will be quite easy as I’m so new to blogging everything is a wish.  Just to average being seen by 2/3 people a day is a wish right now.
  2. Improve my photo skills.  When the weather is better I’m hoping to include more plus size fashion in my blog, which means being outside having more full length, multi angled pictures taken.  Whilst I feel, with the equipment I have, that my skills aren’t too bad I need to help other people take pictures of me I am happy with.
  3. Consistency in posting.  I think there is almost a bit of a binge element to my posting at the moment.  Lots and then nothing.  I’m hoping this is because I’m my fairly new and looking to find my feet.  I think I’d like to level out to manage at least one post a week.
  4. Attend more events.  2016 saw me still being quite new to the plus size community. I run a plus size group on Facebook but I wasn’t a blogger so I didn’t really sit in a particular pigeonhole.   This isn’t a particular problem for me as I’m used to marching to the beat of my own drum but I’d just like to do more events as a blogger this year.  Last year I attended two events, which were opposite ends of the spectrum for me.  In May I went to Curvy Con which as an event was absolutely poop but as a chance to meet people I’d talked to was amazing.  Then in September I went to Curve Fashion Festival which was fabulous.  I just had the best day.  Seeing fabulous clothes, meeting amazing people and meeting so many people and bloggers I look up to and admire within the plus size community.  I’m already booked for this year and I’m really looking forward to seeing the event grow.
  5. Be happy calling myself a blogger.  At the moment I feel a bit like I’m playing dress up.  Like I don’t deserve to call myself a blogger just yet.  Just because I’ve written a few posts it doesn’t actually make me a blogger right?  I want to get to a place where I don’t feel uncomfortable and awkward saying “I’m a blogger”.

Finally 5 hopes…

  1. I know it’s all so very British to moan about the weather right but I’d love just a long stretch of sunny, warm weather.
  2. There are so many amazing bloggers I admire and look up to.  I’d like to hope just one of them would read one of my posts and have some feedback.
  3. I hope for restraint.  Not for epic stuff but just enough that I could open a packet of biscuits and just have maybe 2 rather than a packet.  Damn you Fox’s Jam Rings.
  4. I desperately hope to read more.  I keep banging on about it.  I just want my reading mojo back properly and not on the fritz.
  5. I hope I don’t lose my bottle when it competing as Mrs Buckinghamshire Curve 2017 in the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant.

So anyway that’s enough about me.  I’d love to know some more about you and your hopes and wishes.  I’m tagging Emma from Plus Size Of Life and Jenn over at And The Beat Goes On.  



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