Let’s chat about the F Word.  Fortunately for me I have reached a place in my life where I am happy with the F word.  I should clear it up here and now this piece is going to be heavily laden with the F word.  So if you don’t like the F word maybe this isn’t the post for you.  I should also clarify I mean fat.  I mean I’m sure fuck would probably apply on a few occasions but in this instance it’s most definitely fat.

Growing up and during my formative years of misguided teenagery activities and even probably through into more level headed adulthood (this is a lie right here as adulthood has never been level headed for me), fat has always been a naughty word.  Not just naughty but also negative.  I had so many sad and emotive feelings attached to it.  Fat made me stupid, fat made me lazy, fat made me unloveable, fat made me unshagable (and tied in with this apparently far more appreciative for any action I did get as fat girls don’t get much right), fat made me less worthy, fat made me a funny friend and so on and so forth.  When the whole truth was fat was me.  That was it.  Plain and simple.  The minute you remove all the power from that single word it is like a weight has been lifted (do you like what I did there).  I realised that people calling me fat as a derogatory word said far more about them than me.  Usually that they are of low intellect and couldn’t think or anything smarter or more original to use as a put down.  I mean seriously people I have one hand you are clearly slacking.  

I am fat but I’m so much more than just that.  I’m also funny and sarcastic and witty.  I can be sexy as hell when I get my groove on but also lazy like a beast when I want to be.  I’m totally bangable.  I’m worthy and most definitely loved.  I can be a great friend but equally can be your worst enemy.  None of this has anything to do with me being fat.  It has to do with me being, for the most part, freaking awesome.  But also sometimes a shady bitch.  But mainly awesome.

When I became part of the plus size / body positive community it was empowering to see so many gorgeous plus size women embracing who they were and being unapologetic for it.  Now I’m sure I’m about to go somewhere which is going to be quite divisive here and split opinion and that’s fine because if we all thought the same how boring would that be.  I kind of feel plus size has been hijacked.  This is nothing new I know that.  It’s already been discussed, I’m just a little late to the party.  I didn’t want to join a community of people ashamed to say they are fat, or a community of size 12s (who we all know are technically fat according to industry standards) who spend their days “feeling” fat.  Most days I “feel” like having an all over body massage from Colin Farrell but feeling it doesn’t make it any closer to it being the truth.  I don’t want to see a flat bellied, hourglass, size 14 modelling my clothes.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…this isn’t who I buy my clothes from.  I buy them from women with rolls and bingo wings and aprons and overhangs and stretch marks and thighs.  Women I can associate with and picture those clothes on my body (pay attention fat brands).  I buy from fat women.  I want to see fat women slaying it.  Not curvy women.  Not acceptable fats.  Just plain old fats..and maybe some young fats but still fats.  Some people who are already there and serving up a bowl full of awesomesauce are Plus Equals (as a brand and up to a size UK42!!), Love Leah (zero fucks given) and Nerd About Town and FattyBoomTatty (you all knew this one was coming right – I’m make no apologies for my stalker like behaviour).


Something I am guilty of is using curvy instead of fat and I’m sure many of us do this.  A few of my Instagram hashtags feature the term curvy.  This is due to people feeling it’s a far more socially acceptable term to use and makes others feel better about your fatness and that is the whole point of my post.  Why do I need to try to make anyone feel better about the fact I am fat?  Like fat is such a terrible thing.  I don’t need to help make them feel comfortable with me using the word fat they need to handle that on their own.

I’m hoping this post will encourage people to use the term fat more as a descriptor.  I want to help try and desensitise the term fat and refocus it back on what it should be.  Nothing more than a word used to describe someone and I am going to be including #IAmFat in my hashtags now because I am.  There is no point sugarcoating it.  You can roll a turd in glitter but it’s still a turd.  I want to encourage you all to use #IAmFat or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that just try and learn not to flinch or inhale every time you hear the word fat.  You are so much more than that even if it is difficult to remember it sometimes.  If being fat is the worst thing you are then you are clearly killing it.  I could think of far worse things to be that fat.  What are you?

#IAmFat #IAmFunny #IAmCaring #IAmWitty (wit / sarcastic – you decide) #IAmLoving


24 thoughts on “The F Word…

  1. People need to stop using the word fat to make others feel bad about themselves. I’d class myself as fat but I’m not unhealthy I still do all the things I want.

    1. Fat doesn’t mean lazy and unhealthy Georgia. For me, and it’s different for everyone, fat means I love shoving cake down my throat far more than I like moving my backside. Thanks for reading xoxo

  2. You go girl! I think it’s so important to embrace yourself and your body, but also to remember that you are way more than simply what you look like! This is a really inspirational and positive post, thanks so much for sharing!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. Yes!!! I completely agree. Now I’m not on the bigger side of fat but I am fat, I’m not ashamed, I don’t see it as an insult it’s just exactly what I am. It is such a touchy subject it seems because not everyone agree and I know I didn’t when I was younger but now that I’ve grown up a lot I just see it for what it is, a word of description.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. I think it becomes easier with age to accept it for what it is and that is just a word. You choose whether you give any power to it or not, even if it is being used in a derogatory way xoxo Thanks Jordanne

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to read Lola xoxo If there’s any truth to “you are what you eat” then I’m scrummy as I’m full of cake and marshmallows.

  4. Wow, this was a really interesting read! I’m a size 10/12 and am technically overweight and I identify with the flat-tummied, hourglass size 10-14 models that are normally used, but I had never thought that maybe bigger women want to see people model clothes that they identify with. I know that sounds stupid, but I’m sure I’m not the only narrow-minded women in the universe. I think women complain so frequently about how we’re misrepresented by clothing brands (on all fronts) and we forget that other women with other body types (bigger or smaller) feel the exact same way. One of these days, we’ll all unite and they’ll be screwed hahaha. Awesome post! <3

    1. It’s all about proportions Charlotte – I love and adore all bodies irrespective of size but when it comes to clothes and media representation I’d like to see a bit more of me and my body xxx thanks so much for reading.

  5. The F word makes me uncomfortable (so I did skim read this slightly but I did get the gist of what you were saying) because I’m a UK 8-10 but because I’m a dancer I will often get called fat and obsessed at auditions, and while I do accept my curves to a point when someone flat out calls me fat it does knock my body confidence to the extreme because I’ve always had a fear of being above a size 10.
    Alicia x

  6. Yeah true, fat doesn’t mean lazy, I’ve got a couple of fat friends and they feel good about their body. I just wish everyone would feel that way.

  7. I think this is such a confidence booster for anyone who has been in the same position as you. I think a lot of people are scared to use the word fat and they shouldn’t be! great post!

    Sophia xo // sophiaaaxo.com

  8. I totally agree with you in this post! I’m the same with the f word I used to be bullied at school for my weight and now I’m older it doesn’t bother me and I don’t see it negatively x

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