Wow so how quick has the 1st February come round?  That’s not technically true…everyday leading up to payday felt like the longest in history but now it’s here I’m looking back thinking “Where did January go?”.  January being gone means one thing for sure.  We are one month closer to my birthday (25th March just in case you were wondering).  I will be 39 next month and thinking about it makes me equal parts excited and nostalgic and thinking about things I wish I could tell Little Jelly.

Little Jelly aged approx 14/15

I’ve been looking back at old pictures over the Christmas period and found an old school picture.  I think I am about 14/15 and a mere baby but there are so many things I wish I knew then, that I know now and I got reflective about what important life lessons I would give to little fresh faced, wet behind the ears, far too worried about what other people thought of her, Jelly.  Here are just a few (I’ll save others for a feature that will be known as #JellysLifeLessons)…


1. Don’t believe your big boobies are the be all and end all of everything.

Yes they are amazing but in years to come you will realise they are not the only reason members of the opposite sex talk to you.  They are also great for storing food (even if unintentional), holding beer/drinks and sheltering small children under when it rains.  They will also be the source of back ache and endless bra shopping trips that yield nothing but aching feet or an empty purse because if you do find something sensible that fits it usually costs a pretty packet, and very rarely is it described as sexy…it’s more than likely matronly.

2. Try not to put so much emphasis on the opinions of insignificant or negative people.

You will come across all sorts of people throughout your life and some of them may have an effect and mould you into the person you become.  Whilst you have to thank them somewhat for having a hand in that I promise you it won’t always be positive.  

[Insert own trumpet blowing here] I’ve always been funny as f*ck.  I’m fluent in sarcasm and very quick witted.  Like many fatties part of this comes from years as using my humour as a defense mechanism.  The rest is purely natural and maybe even a little genetic.  I was always quick with a laugh to deflect from my chubbiness, or my book smarts, or my little hand.  What I wish most is someone would’ve told me all I needed to do more of was not give a shit as much.  Most of the people who had such amazing insight and wisdom about me and my life aren’t even in it anymore so who cares?  At the same time who wants to surround themselves with such negativity.  If someone is bringing you down there is so much truth in the belief that it is more about them and their own failings than you.  Use your #BingoWingsOfSteel to deflect all that negative energy.  You will be so much better for it.

3. Friendships are like everything in life.  It’s always about quality over quantity.

All I ever wanted to be at school was liked.  Not just by a few but by many.  Don’t get me wrong I had a couple of friends but I wanted what most shallow teenage girls want.  Popularity.  It’s a shame I did not learn this lesson a lot earlier.  Popularity is fleeting but a quality friendship can last a long time.  I think I have maybe 3 or 4 friendships that are still from school.  Other than that I don’t speak to anyone I went to school with on purpose.  

In addition to this is the realisation that friendship can be forged anywhere.  Back in the day when I was at school thankfully social media wasn’t all the rage but today I have social media to thank for some of the most meaningful friendships in my life.  Friends that have been with me through thick and thin and some of the worst times of my life.  I don’t differentiate by calling them “online” friends.  They are my friends.  They are people who have gone to the edge of the Earth for me and would again in a heartbeat, and me them.  These are the people you should cherish and revere.  One of the greatest strengths will come from learning to build others up.

4. Keep your hand on your ha’penny as long as possible.

I was 18 before I punched my V card but damn do I wish 1000 times I’d of done things differently.  It was semi peer pressure and mainly stupidity but ultimately it was my decision and I should of realised my worth and held out a lot longer.  Important pointers for young me about the opposite sex:

  • Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – the quicker you learn to speak Martian the easier things will be.
  • A “bad boy” is a “bad boy” for a reason.  You’re never going to make him good no matter how hard or desperately you try.  Super smart thing to remember…If he cheated with you, he will cheat on you.
  • Make them work for it.  You aren’t free and you don’t come easy.  If they aren’t willing to put the graft in then they aren’t worthy of the spoils.
  • If you find a good one grab hold of them with both hands.  Don’t mess about playing games and listening to what the world and it’s mother says.  When they say “you will know” believe me you will.  
  • Always listen to your gut.  If it feels off that’s usually because it is.  Your first instinct is usually the right one.  This doesn’t just apply to here, but to every aspect of your life and is a super valuable lesson.

There are so many others but I’d be here all night so we’ll just say “To Be Continued”…

5. Own it like a boss.

It doesn’t matter what “it” is – JUST OWN IT.  Fake it till you make it.  Eventually you’ll start believing it yourself.  Who cares whether it’s scratching your bum in the playground or being happy reading books and actually learning about many things or even just being different.  Own it and embrace it.  Unique is the new normal.  Don’t be afraid, march to the beat of your own drum, always think outside the box and own it like a boss.

Finally the most vital thing ever – I LOVE YOU JELLY ❤️ You may not know it all the time but you are freaking amazing.

What wisdom would you impart on your younger self?


Jelly xoxo

6 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Could Tell Little Jelly…

  1. I absolutely love this post! Thank you so much for sharing! Lots of wisdom but point 3 is definitely relatable for me, I wish i’d known it was okay to have just a few close friends – I found this easier and they were much closer than a big group but always felt like something was ‘wrong’ with me for being ‘unpopular’. Its our experiences that make us who we are today though!

    Love, V x

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